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Business Broker Franchise

Business Broker Franchise Market

A Business Broker franchise with VR will put you in the forefront of a growth industry!

More businesses will change hands in the next decade than in the past 25 years

VR has been the business brokerage industry pioneer and leader for over 30 years. Over that period VR has literally defined this industry, and built a profession around it.

Considering Other Business Ventures?

Here's Some Advantages of a VR Business Brokerage Over Other Types of Businesses!

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You will avoid most of the hassles of being "an employer"!
Most business brokerage associates work as 1099 "independent contractors", and generate their own income via commission. They are responsible for reporting and paying their own income tax and Medicare obligations.

This is truly a unique situation in business ownership, and avoids a mountain of government regulations, obligations, and liabilities.

A VR Business Brokerage is classed as "professional services", and would have limited involvement with OSHA, Workman's Comp and other Dept. of Labor Regulations.

Many other types of businesses need to maintain lines of credit to make payroll on slow months! That's quite a consideration
Retail, wholesale and restaurant businesses need constant cash outlay risk
Retail and wholesale businesses are constantly restocking items they hope will sell. If a fickle buying public changes direction they are forced to sell off at low profit to replace with more saleable goods.

Wholesalers, by nature, are much larger operations with much larger outlay and much larger risk.
Restaurant and food service business have a spoilage factor!
Restaurants are great businesses for some, but fresh food must be sold quickly, so the art of "buying" becomes hugely critical survival skill. Buy too much and some goes bad - buy too little and you run out and lose business. Even frozen food has a shelf life.

No one should consider a restaurant business before putting in some years as a chef, waiter and bartender.
A VR Business Brokerage avoids many business ownership stress factors
A VR Business Brokerage is a confederation of self reliant go-getters who produce for themselves and the franchise as well.

A VR Brokerage is a great environment that attracts independent men and women who prefer the freedom of a partnership of self reliant producers, over the subservient employee role in the traditional workplace.

What the VR Franchise owner provides his associates is, the industry's most powerful marketing machine and the backing of America's premier business brokerage brand name. Valued Representation is what we do!

Business Broker Franchise OpportunitiesOpportunities as a Business Broker Franchise

There are over 25 million businesses in the United States. Over 52% of the United States GDP is from privately held businesses and these businesses employ over 50% of the domestic workforce.

Privately-held business drives the US economy and the same holds true around the world as privately-held businesses are the economic engine of most countries.

Business Brokerage Market Demographics:

VR is the only full-time professional business intermediary organization in the world offering Valued Representation.

As Baby Boomers Retire They Fuel Our Industry for Continued Growth

Economist Robert Avery from Cornell University estimates that $10 trillion of assets and over 12 million privately held companies will be transferred as Baby Boomers start to retire. Other estimates predict that 10,000 Baby Boomers will become eligible for Social Security every day, with 80 million retiring over the next two decades.

These same Baby Boomers will sell their businesses to fund retirement. Others will exit their corporate positions and acquire a business to supplement their retirement income and to build additional income and equity.

VR Business Brokerage Franchisees -

As you develop an understanding of the VR mission, it is important for you to be confident, that with the tools and support offered by VR, you can achieve your own personal goals as a VR business broker franchisee.

Investigate your marketplace. Are there privately-held business owners receiving professional representation when trying to sell their business? If no, do you believe that as a franchisee in the VR organization you can offer Valued Representation® to business owners and pride yourself at becoming the premier firm in your market?

Fast Franchise Financing

Franchise Finance VR Business BrokersFranchise Finance can be arranged by VR through Stearns Bank and SBA Small Business Loans Program to put you in business today!

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Franchise Application

VR is looking for leaders who will become an invaluable member of their business community!

If you see the need to help those business owners, and develop a career in business you can be proud of.

We look forward to discussing the opportunities of a VR Business Broker Franchise.

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