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Franchise Finance with SBA Loans

Franchise Finance with SBA Loans

Financing Your VR Franchise Purchase with Stearns Bank, N.A. and the SBA Small Business Loans Program will get you out of dreaming mode and into planning mode!

Franchise FinanceIs financing all that's keeping you from being your own boss? VR can get the gears turning!

Stearns Financial Services Inc. (SFSI) is a $1.9 billion well-capitalized, independent financial holding company based in the Midwest.

Founded in 1912, Stearns specializes in nationwide small business lending and equipment and franchise finance with a history delivering outstanding customer service and the ability to deliver fast decisions with customized finance solutions. Our slogan says it all: We get the job done!

Franchise Finance & Stearns Bank

*Stearns Bank is a direct SBA lender. SBA loans are offered by participating banks. although the SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) isn’t a lender.

Stearns Financial Services Inc. (SFSI) is a Direct Lender approved by SBA. This mean you are dealing with the actual lender not Washington bureaucrats!

Sample SBA Loan Structure

Cash Down Required $25,000 Franchise Fee $39,000
SBA Loan (80%) $100,000 Business Development Plan $25,000
    Working Capital $50,000
    Travel & Accommodation
(Initial Training/Annual Conf)
    Closing Cost $5,000
Total $125,000   $125,000

What is required to get started

Franchise Finance services by VR & Stearns Bank

Enter a Growth Industry on it's way up!!

Franchise Finance VR Business BrokersIt is estimated that more businesses will change hands in the next decade than in the past 25 years.

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